I’m fed up today!

I don’t feel well due to that time of the month. Lockdown has made life boring! I think I may have broken my hand. I can still use it but it aches next to my wrist. The way I did it was absolutely stupid. I literally dropped the toilet seat on my hand. It’s only because I had drank alcohol that meant I never felt the damage at the time. I remember injuring myself. I wasn’t that drunk at the time. I felt it when the alcohol wore off early that morning. I’m just fed up of everything that is currently. I need alcohol to get through this craziness. I’m not going to hospital if I have broken my hand due to what’s going on regarding the virus. The hospitals are the main infection points due to the amount of covid patients in them at the moment. I can still use the hand in a near normal way. I just have a constant ache underneath the finger I trapped a few days ago. I don’t have any wonky fingers or anything. I feel like I’ve been lazy today because I’ve literally done nothing but got up, had a bath, got dressed, eaten and tidied up a bit. I slept quite a lot today because I couldn’t sleep last night. I feel like I need to go for a walk. I can feel that I haven’t moved enough. I cannot believe I haven’t been out my home for nearly a week.