Allergies, cats and tedious study.

I woke up at a stupid hour with allergies. I have runny eyes so I got up to sort myself out. I had a random cat trying to pop in. That jumped out the window as soon as it saw me coming towards kitchen. It’s getting braver. It would bolt as soon as it heard me over the last few weeks. It will let me come to the door of the room while it’s dark now. It’s a very vocal cat. I don’t get the logic of making as much meow noises as possible in the process of sneaking in to get my cats food. If you’re going to be stealing cat food from random places then it would be better to be quiet. Most cats do steal food silently but this one seems to like to announce that they’ve arrived. I don’t encourage other cats because mister starts misbehaving. This one just seems to like to take its chances during the night when the windows open for my cats. I don’t think it likes the weather out there tonight. It’s a bit windy which makes jumping in and out of windows quite challenging for them. Poor mimi gets blown at an angle because she’s built quite small.

The place is a mess due to spending most of the day in bed. I needed the rest. Insomnia teaches you to grab sleep hours when the opportunity arises. I had nothing on due to lockdown measures so took a chance at attempting sleep. I needed the rest before studying. I did notes on topics to do with my next tutor marked assignment for open university degree. Some topics are rather tedious and generally not pleasant to study. This surrounds the topic of assisted suicide and mercy killings. The first question was about negligence which was a lot less heavy.