I slept earlier. Miracles do happen… also a comment on tonight’s episode of casualty.

I’m awake at a stupid hour because I slept for a while earlier. I have a few things I’m going to cover today. I don’t think this will be a long entry though. I’m quite tired. I also posted a few times yesterday. I slept most of the day yesterday too so I was kind of stressed and grumpy when I woke up. I was very fed up with life and the current pandemic lockdown. I just feel hopeless against the things that are happening out there. I was happy when I woke up to the news that Donald trump had been permanently banned from Twitter and then removed from Facebook and Instagram. Karma is finally biting that awful creature in his behind. There’s talk of him being impeached, charged with criminal offences and his wife deciding she wants a divorce. When karma pings back it seems that it will come at him with full force. He can’t get away with inciting trouble or any other of the dodgy things he’s done as president. The world is about to watch his fall from grace.

On another positive note, the washing machine started working again. I happened to switch it on before going to bed tonight. It started spinning again. I’m glad as that issue was stressing about getting that fixed. I finished off the clothes that were in there when it started refusing to work last night. That’s literally a load off my mind. I’m hoping that it was having one of its blips and that it will behave itself for a while again.

I saw the end of casualty tonight. I was watching the masked singer so didn’t catch the start of the program. I come across an issue that was raised in tonight’s episode constantly when it comes to the parents of children with the pathological demand avoidance profile of autism. Their children getting violent with them due to being unable to cope with the demands of life. The police get called, instead of the support, these youngsters get labelled a criminal. There’s parents out there refusing to ask for support in case the consequences for their children end up as dire as police involvement and possible charges. I was never violent but I still got labelled a criminal due to society not understanding this form of autism. There are many individuals under sections in hospitals today with this form of autism. I had my taste of that as a teenager, seemingly the age this occurs for those on that part of the spectrum. The process of being that age is turmoil anyway without adding aspects of pda to the mix. Crippling anxiety as a teenager is a recipe for disaster.

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