I just can’t right now!

The washing machine has been playing up for over a year now. It has always worked after it’s been off for hours. That hasn’t happened this time. It probably does need replacing as it’s at least 8 years old. It might be fixable but could cost more to fix than replace. I just can’t not have a working washing machine as I regularly wash my clothes. I have set routines rotating between outfits and that requires them to be put on a wash and spun so that they are dry to wear. It won’t spin or fill up with water. The motor is running and it flashes up e20 as the error. The clothes inside are still full of water because they need to be spun. I am struggling enough just getting through day to day life most of the time. I’m just fed up. There’s so many others just as fed up so I’m not alone. We are all in frustrating positions. The feeling of being stuck has never been stronger. I was fine during the first and second lockdown. I’m just getting a little stressed at this point. It just feels like the situation is never going to end. I have allergies kicking off too. I had such an itch on the side of my neck last night. I keep getting itchy all over a lot and my eyes run all the time. They’ve never been this bad previously. I don’t feel comfortable which affects my mental health. I just want to chill out but everything is up in the air. I don’t feel at home with the carpets having not been laid yet. The one in the small room needs patching but I don’t feel well enough to attempt it today. The other carpet is rolled up in my hallway. I constantly have to step over it which gets so annoying. It’s too large for me to attempt to fit on my own. It won’t even get into the room without taking the very end of the tubing off. I had an awful nights sleep again because I couldn’t settle. I kept waking up needing to go toilet. Then my nose wouldn’t stop running. I feel totally wiped out. I just need to rest before attempting to sort everything out. It’s the weekend, most things can wait until Monday. I’m comfortable in my bed with a cat snuggled next to me. She also has no desire to move today. I’ve taken my medication but still depressed. It sometimes gives me a lift but not today.

4 responses to “I just can’t right now!”

  1. E20 probably means drain/filter is blocked and this is usually easily fixed. Google this error with your machine’s brand/model and you will even find videos showing you what to check and how to rectify. Typically a little panel at the base of the front needs to be opened and the filter/lint trap removed and cleaned. Watch out because trapped water can spill on the floor! Have towels ready and a container to catch water.


  2. I am sorry that you are not feeling good, may be you are allergic to house mites. I hope you will feel better tomorrow, and wish somebody is going to fix your washing machine for you. keep yourself warm.


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