It’s been a fortnight since Christmas… and we are seeing the results.

There are record number of positive covid cases in the Uk. Two weeks since Christmas. Two weeks it takes the virus to show symptoms. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but this suggests that people weren’t that careful during the Christmas season. I’m taking no chances out there. I jumped in the bath and put my clothes in the washing machine when I got home after coming in from a walk. I’m not going out every single day in case I bump into the 1 in 50 that are supposedly infected. Yes, they should self isolate but that isn’t always what they chose to do. I probably wouldn’t be going out the door if I lived in London where it’s meant to be 1 in 30 people infected. That area has already claimed a state of emergency. I hear that Leicester is already starting to reach that point but hasn’t announced they’re in a crisis in regards to capacity and resources yet. The rate things are going the announcement here will be in a few days.

It’s been two weeks since that incident in our local shop I mentioned on here. I have a cold and keep sneezing. I have a test kit that I can send off. I wouldn’t be concerned if that incident hadn’t been exactly two weeks ago.

5 responses to “It’s been a fortnight since Christmas… and we are seeing the results.”

  1. I agree about the timing of the increase in case’s and the reasons why. Just do what you have to do to keep yourself safe.


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