Sleep issues … early night.

I didn’t sleep at all last night. I had a few hours this morning. I then had to get up to get up the underlay in my flat. I had someone helping me so I had to get up during the day. I have sore dry skin which is cracking despite using cream. That even burned when I put it on earlier. I’ve got sore eyes too. They’ve been running so much my eyelashes have thinned out due to being constantly wet. I don’t know what is up with my skin but I haven’t been up much during the day light hours recently. It was bitterly cold on my last two evening walks.

I had a bath and went to bed for a while already this evening. I have a cat asleep with me. Mimi has decided that she wants to curl up on bed tonight. I don’t blame her it’s cold outside. We are both comfy and she was warm to cuddle. I woke up too hot but very relaxed. I envy how peacefully cats can sleep. I can’t even sleep a few hours without a dream waking me up or just naturally waking up every few hours. I saw on a television quiz program that cats sleep on average 15 hours a day. That would be nice even occasionally just so I didn’t feel so wiped out. It’s like cats see sleeping as a hobby. I don’t know why I struggle so much to sleep all through my life. I was just as bad when I was a child. I used to like being awake during the night. I’d rather be awake during the day as I get older. I want to be more in synch with the outside world. I miss things if I’m in nocturnal mode. I can’t meet deadlines if l have my own time zone. I end up playing catch up alongside living chaotically. I don’t benefit from sleep where I where I wake up every few hours. That’s like having no sleep and when I’m ill it’s drawn out because I can’t get enough sleep to get over things quickly. I can perk myself up with chemicals like caffeine and painkillers (if I get a migraine or a cold) but that’s only a temporary fix enough to get university assignments done comfortably etc. I find the advice of GP etc unhelpful. They have no idea what it is like and how frustrating it can be to have illnesses like colds and migraines for weeks at a time due to lack of sleep.

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