My standards will never be what is ‘normal’.

I’m trying my best here! I know that my cleaning and tidying doesn’t equate to the way normal people see it. I try my best given the sleeping pattern that I have right now. Apparently I need new bulbs in my lights because mine aren’t bright enough to see during non day light hours. I don’t see any issues but maybe I can see in lower light. The place is always a mess. It isn’t as bad nowadays but looks worse as the carpet for the living room is in the hallway waiting to be fitted. I can’t put it anywhere else due to the length. The photos I posted online doesn’t show the bits of carpet I cut wrongly. I will put all the photos as a single image on my networks but I thought collating them into one image would be easier. I have my Stanley knife now so I can patch the carpet. I know my way of living may seem a mystery to some people but it’s better for my autistic brain to understand and sort.

One response to “My standards will never be what is ‘normal’.”

  1. It’s normal for you and thats all that matters. What seems like disorganised chaos to others is totally organised in our minds.


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