The artist will fix it! Hopefully….

I wasn’t great at cutting the carpet. I tried to install it but the knife that the tool place sold me was a bit naff. Safety knives may seem like a good idea, in reality they make it so hard to cut things at the right angle. I did ok for someone who has never attempted to fit a carpet before in their entire life. I wanted a challenge. The next part of that challenge is tidying it up. I may need to patch the edges in places because the cutter wasn’t easy to use. I should have just got a Stanley knife to get neater edges. I did one wall perfect but declined my abilities from there. At least it’s got no ripples in it. I have plenty of spare carpet left to patch up the parts of dodgy cutting. Once I’m done I’m hoping that no one will notice unless they look very closely. The new carpets are rather rough but they’re cat proof. I’m going to put a rug covering a proportion of the room so it’s not going to matter. I don’t regret attempting it because we all have to learn to do things by slightly dodgy attempts at tasks. It’s fixable which shows I’m not a total imbecile. I’m not using a safety cutter on the next larger carpet because it’s just impossible to get into corners with the plastic surrounding it. I’m not blaming my tools. I couldn’t get the right angles which is why I over cut some parts. It’s not the most comfy carpet which is why it’s being covered by a rug after it’s sorted.

People assume that those of us who are autistic cannot do anything. I may have messed it up but it’s my first attempt at this sort of DIY. I’ve always been more academic than practical. I want to start branching out to be useful. Practicing around my flat gives me time to make mistakes so that I’m not totally useless to other people. I’m not always academic. It took me two tries to pass the theory test when I learned to drive. I passed my practical test on the first attempt. I enjoy driving but not DIY or any kind of cleaning task. I’m sure it helps to be successful in areas when you actually enjoy aspects of the task. I wasn’t enjoying laying the carpet. I don’t know anyone who enjoys that kind of task. I’m doubtful that those who fit carpets for a job even enjoys the task.

I find sleeping a pleasant activity however that seems to not be happening any time soon. I slept during the day again because I was just so exhausted from not sleeping last night. It is very difficult not to do day sleeping when I seem to naturally be nocturnal. I can’t live my life nocturnal as the world operates during the day. I know it’s an autism issue. There are so many of us who find it difficult to sleep during night hours. Luckily, living on my own, no one else gets woken up during the night hours if I decide to do things. If I had a partner or even a flat mate I’d probably drive them insane by deciding to catch up with tasks during the night. I get irritated by my sleep pattern being ridiculous. The only way I keep up with life things is by catching up at night if I’m asleep during the day. I manage to somehow chaotically balance everything. The chaos makes me feel stressed and anxious but I get everything done.

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