Lockdown approaching again! Alongside freezing cold weather!

Lockdown 3 starts for the UK on Wednesday. I’m so fed up with life in general without the added complication of another lockdown. I just cannot do anything today. The place is a mess. I would love to sort out the carpet but I have to get a Stanley knife before I can fix anything. The knife that came with it just isn’t good which is why it didn’t turn out right. I’m trying not to feel overwhelmed but there is so much to do with university and around the house. I can’t be the only one that is finding it hard to concentrate at the moment. The news isn’t making me feel any less overwhelmed. I watch it or read it online during the day so that I know what is going on in regards to restrictions that might crop up relating to the pandemic. Apparently those of us that are identified as clinically vulnerable will be asked to shield again. We should be getting a letter or email within the next few days. I’m going for a walk once a day. I’m not staying in 24/7. I need fresh air. I haven’t been up during day light hours for about a week. I went for a short walk this evening which felt like I was walking in a fridge. I was wearing a very thick coat so it must have been ice cold out there. I wouldn’t be surprised if it snows again. It felt warmer when I was out the other evening during the snow. I woke up this morning to a freezing cold flat. I am going to leave the heating on low each night as getting out of bed is hard in the ice cold air. I don’t like mornings anyway. I need to stop being nocturnal. I also should stop drinking alcohol on a daily basis but that isn’t happening either.

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