Happy New Year!

Well, it’s now 2021. I have just got into bed after my earlier cleaning spree and doing various things for the cats. I’m tired and have a million things to do from tomorrow. I have to sort out my university notes and then start my second tutor marked assessment. We have until the end of January but I have a one to one with my tutor on 5th as I asked if she could help me with the essay structuring. I just can’t get it right. There’s guidance on the open university website but it just wasn’t that helpful. We also have a group tutorial at some point in the next few weeks. I need to check the dates. I never logged in during the Christmas break. I usually log in but decided that I was actually going to enjoy some time away from anything that required me to use my brain much. It was too tired from the events of the last year.

I slept quite a lot, ate food I don’t normally touch on a daily basis and drank alcohol. I’m fully chilled ready for any further challenges that 2021 may bring. I’m hoping it’s turns out more normal than 2020. Hopefully by this time next year our lives will be less affected by the pandemic. Places will be open again, the tier system withdrawn because the vaccines have phased out the virus. I’m not sure about the effects of brexit but hopefully there’s some form of normality on the horizon.

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