1st day of 2021

I slept most of the first day of 2021 because I barely slept last night. I don’t remember sleeping much today either. I got up to get a few bits on the way to a relatives house. I’m bubbled with the household before anyone gets on their soapbox. I only popped in for a few hours. I have stuff to do at home so I can’t stay out for long. I needed to get out for a bit because I’m just fed up. I didn’t want to go for a walk as I don’t feel well due to lack of sleep. I just don’t have the energy to walk. I wish that I was able to sleep properly. Its frustrating to feel tired but not be able to sleep consistently. I drop off for an hour or two but I wake up constantly.

One response to “1st day of 2021”

  1. No soapbox here lol as for energy and sleep it’s a horrible vicious circle. I hope you manage a break from it soon.


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