Covidiots are never going to get us out of tier 4!

I’m afraid that tonight’s blog is a rant. I’m just shocked at what I just experienced in my local corner shop. There’s hardly any room in the shop as it is without covidiots completely disregarding the rules. I literally came home and put my clothes in the wash. I had a bath to make sure that I was completely clean. There was a couple (looked about mid 20s) in the shop who was already at the counter. Both not wearing a mask. I picked up what I needed and stood in the queue. I had my mask on, which I always do when going into places. I’m still concerned about the air getting onto my coat. The guy had a cough. The shop assistant asked him about the cough… the idiot replies ‘it’s covid man’. Either way it was an awful joke to make when we are now in tier 4 due to infection rates, and… if it wasn’t a joke then the fact that he isn’t wearing a mask is extremely irresponsible. It even says on the door of the shop that customers must wear a mask to go in there. It’s worse when the person has symptoms but doesn’t wear a mask for the few minutes they’re in the shop. They may not have it but I’m still taking precautions. I came home, sprayed every door handle with my bleach disinfectant solution. I haven’t done my coat but that is being washed along with my trainers. I just don’t want anything on me from outside without it being washed.

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