Two days left of this year… schools shouldn’t reopen.

I woke up to so many things on my social networks this morning regarding the pandemic. They were saying that numbers in hospitals are out of control here. The schools and other educational facilities shouldn’t have opened in September. That is why the infection rate has gradually creeping up over the last few months. The first lockdown was only successful due to schools closing. Schools are breeding grounds for bugs in normal circumstances. I was at school when we had about 30 in a class (apparently there are more now) , I was always ill every time a cold was brought in by someone. There’s no chance that the virus will be kept controlled in that environment. Even children themselves are saying that they don’t feel safe and are constantly stressed worrying if they’re going to pass something on to their families. Many of them live with clinically vulnerable family members. It’s totally wrong to put them in that position. I know what it was like due to having a Dad in that category. They’re just children who don’t need that kind of burden put on them. Do they go to school to get their education or not go to school to protect their family members? If they decide to go to school and their relatives catch the virus then they will blame themselves.

I have to be careful not to advocate that children don’t need to attend school. In normal circumstances I would fully support the view that they should attend school. These aren’t normal circumstances. Those that know my personal background will recall that I didn’t have much schooling as a child due to my issues related to having a form of undiagnosed Autism. I went back to get all my qualifications as an adult. I actually learned more after leaving school than I ever did during my years at school. I’m proof that children shouldn’t stress about getting the high grades at school. That isn’t the end of the world. They can go back to do those GCSEs/a levels if they don’t feel able to do them at the traditional expected age. I knew that I would never be an A grade student. I passed with my highest being a B in a few subjects. I barely went to school around my GCSEs and wasn’t allowed to do most of them the first time around. If I can go back to get the qualifications I should have achieved at school, there’s hope for the children stuck in the midst jd this pandemic. There is a mental health aspect of not being able to attend school but the stress that children are already under makes that seem like the lesser of two equally awful situations.

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