I don’t profit from the blog or anything that I do …

I know that there are many bloggers profiting out of their blogs and the work that surrounds them. I am not one of those bloggers. I make absolutely no profit from this blog or anything I have done or written here. The only thing I’ve ever made any profit from is the self published book I released when I was quite young. That wasn’t a lot due to only getting a percentage from sales. I don’t get anything nowadays. I don’t get paid every time someone clicks my link. I don’t get sponsors giving me money to promote products or services. I do this work, take all the hassle that comes with it etc because I genuinely want to change things so that others don’t go through the same experiences.

Little bits done :)

I managed to get some things done around here. I’m at least a little closer to feeling less disorganised. The cat peed on my bed covers again so I had to wash the duvet and cover. I am so fed up of him doing that. He’s going back to the vets again because he was never peeing on my bed previously. It can’t just be behavioural unless he’s really upset with how things are around his living area at the moment. I don’t know what to do. I used that felaway plug in for a while which did seem to stop the behaviour but it’s extremely expensive to use long term. I also am not keen on the smell myself. I’m sensitive to smells and noises due to my autism so it’s difficult to find a balance. I can smell things with a blocked nose. I can hear the smallest of sounds like electric currents from plugs. I’m sure that it’s just as annoying for the cats as they are the same. I sympathise but we can’t eliminate everything that causes us stress. I wish that we could because life would be a lot easier.

I’m 99% sure that my cats pick up my anxiety. I’m anxious to some degree 24/7. Mister spends longer inside than Mimi as he only wants to go out at night. Mimi strolls outside during the daylight hours for a chill. He can’t keep peeing on my stuff as I end up continually repeating tasks such as washing things which leads to me getting nothing else done. I know he’s stressed with the place. I am too. I am in the process of sorting everything depending on whether lockdown is ordered again in the next few weeks. That is something beyond my control and we will just have to live in this state until lockdown has ended and normal life resumes. He can’t always get what he wants all the time. I don’t want to live in this state right now. I have no choice. I feel like the felines are taking over my flat sometimes. It doesn’t feel like my home. I love them both but they’re hard work. They constantly work together to get food etc from me. Mimi has just had food and already nagging me. They are wormed regularly so shouldn’t be that hungry. She has food down but just wants the other wet food. If she was truly still that hungry she would eat the dry food in her bowl. They have water down so she doesn’t need to nag me. I have to put the covers back on the duvet due to misters antics.