I’m fed up of all the coronavirus news coverage.

They should just sort out the spread of the coronavirus and stop the constant news coverage going on about figures. Some of the so called figures aren’t new information. Therefore it’s a pointless exercise to keep on broadcasting those things. Progress takes time, it simply cannot be rushed by media outlets nagging our government to sort out the ‘crisis’. There are many online and in protests across the UK convinced that the pandemic is a hoax fuelled by the media. I’m on the fence which means I still wear a mask and used hand sanitizer, while washing hands when I get home from outside. I just have a nagging feeling that the media are blowing certain aspects of this situation into something that it isn’t. I trained in media and journalism. The story isn’t always bias towards a certain agenda (what they want the public to see). The stories are never neutral. Neutral stances on any topic never get readers that will buy publications or view online content.

Yes, there are people dying of the virus but if you look at the entire population of the country, then deduct the numbers of deaths and then turn it into a percentage… it doesn’t sound like our media outlets portrayals of the situation. I apologise for my dodgy maths skills (weakest skill). Round the population to 67000000 (million) – 70,195 off of that figure. Then take 66,929,805 (the answer), divide the answer by the population amount, then times by 100. The percentage comes out at approximately 2% as of the figures today that have actually died of the virus in this country. That doesn’t sound like the media coverage. Our hospitals fill up during this time of year anyway. I remember that my dads illness always ended up in him having to go into hospital during the specific winter months. That’s what happens with illnesses of the nature which the virus has taken form. I think that we have a right to question what we are being told by those that are supposedly covering the stories in relation to the outbreak.

Then when it comes to those interviewed on the news making out that that it’s the end of the world because they can’t socialise in the ways that used to be normal. I don’t have sympathy for those types of people. They now know exactly what it’s like for those of us with disabilities 24/7 our entire lives. We either are excluded or don’t go out much due to others not understanding or being prepared to work around the challenges associated with our disabilities. We are used to the isolation that everyone has probably experienced to some degree this year.

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