Wishing you all a ‘reasonable’ Christmas … 2020 permitting…

I feel better after three whole days of an extremely horrendous migraine. I don’t think I’m back to normal but I’m glad that the pain has finally disappeared. I still feel delicate as it’s just at the end of the migraine attack. I found my glasses behind the sofa, after losing them for a few weeks, which will help stop my eyes from hurting. Those that suffer from migraines will know exactly what I mean when I talk about the stages experienced. I felt sick, didn’t want to eat and just wanted to sleep. I probably made it worse by going for a long walk when I first got the symptoms. I thought it would help because fresh air sometimes clears all the crap from your head when you’ve got a cold. I can still feel my cold too but fortunately not having to blow my nose constantly. I already have a sore nose from the last few days of constantly blowing my runny nose. I looked terrible so I put coconut oil on my face before I went to sleep last night. It did make me look slightly better but until I’m properly better it’s not going to work miracles. I don’t expect much from 2020. We only have a few more days of this dreadful year. 2021 has got to be better than this year, even if it’s only slightly less awful after we have passed the worse of the virus situation. We are definitely going to be affected by it for the first part of 2021, hopefully after that point things will start to get better. The only thing we can do is hope for the best. Considering we haven’t done much this year… I’ve found the year quite draining. I do feel things so I’m probably feeling the general stress coming off of the population due to knock on effects of this virus outbreak. I’ve had the most random, odd, vivid dreams this entire year. That doesn’t help when sleep is hard enough without dreams waking me up.

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I am aware that most people aren’t going to feel Christmassy this year. I’ve made an effort this year but only due to the fact that I haven’t really done Christmas since my son was adopted. I had to get over the sting of what happened before I decided to participate again. I’m going to my bubbled household for Christmas Day which is just me and another person. I think that I will be better tomorrow. I’m just at the end of the migraine symptoms now. I’m not dressing up or putting make up on, like previous Christmases’ when I have been to a relatives house. This year we should do Christmas differently, much more low key and chilled. We may enjoy it more than the traditional madness of the season. I wish a happy Christmas to all my blog readers and hoping that 2021 is a little better than the now infamous 2020.

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