Resting today… still not back to normal yet.

I’m still not feeling well this morning. I feel slightly more normal but I can still feel my migraine. I still feel like I’m delicate so decided to take it easy today. I won’t be going for a long walk. It was raining quite hard an hour ago, definitely avoiding going out in that weather as I don’t want to get more ill.

Mister is in the ‘doghouse’. I was in bed not paying attention to him due to trying to sleep off migraine. He decides to make sure I give him attention by peeing on my duvet cover last night approaching midnight. I had to get up with a sore head to change the cover and mop up the mess. He wanted to go outside. He knows that he gets sent outside for peeing on the bed. I wish he wouldn’t do that when I’m not feeling well. It was only by chance that I had enough energy to sort out his mess last night. He somehow managed to get himself shut in the living room yesterday morning. I don’t know how he managed to shut the door but he wasn’t bothered when I opened it a few hours later after I woke up. He was comfortable asleep in his cat bed totally oblivious to his predicament.

I also have came across challenges in relation to the carpet fitting. Apparently, all rooms should be done with underlay and corner grips as standard fittings now. The second bedroom didn’t have anything but a carpet down. The original landlord did a patch up job to get the place rented and eventually sold after the tenant before me (they paid nothing and left the place in a mess). The underlay that is still yet to come up in the living room is absolutely filthy underneath. It’s not as straight forward as it first seemed due to how the previous landlord patched up the previous tenants damage. I have continued to find bodged attempts constantly while decorating this year. I can’t ask the current landlord to sort it all out because those things weren’t as a result of his actions. I’m going to sort stuff out when I feel better … probably after Christmas at this point.

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