I can’t do anything right now okay.

I woke up with a very severe migraine. I have a list of things that need my attention. I can’t do them as I have a headache and keep feeling sick. I have a cold. Well, I hope it’s a cold not the virus. I keep getting a blocked nose which makes my head hurt even more. I’ve managed to go for a walk so hopefully that will help. I can’t even think straight with this migraine let alone make any decisions today. I’ve taken painkillers and stuff to clear out my sinuses but it’s not helping much. I’ve had fresh air, exercise and water. I cannot hit this cold with anything else apart from proper food when I get home. If nothing helps I’m worried because it could be the virus. Nothing helps the virus symptoms so that is when I’m going to get concerned. I’ve been many places recently. I’ve been careful but obviously not enough if I’ve managed to catch a cold. I say that walking is fresh air. I have a blocked nose but can still smell the pollution lingering on the air from the amount of cars on the road. I probably got a dose of fumes too. There are many more cars around than normal today. I probably should even wear my mask on the road I’m walking down but it makes my eyes sore. I think the painkillers I took on the way back from supermarket are starting to work. It hurts every time I blow my nose which is a lot because my head keeps producing stuff. I’m hoping that I get a break from that once I get inside. I will get back to people about various things but probably not today.

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