I need to stop falling asleep during the day. Although, I got a lot of done unexpectedly.

I fell asleep which resulted in me getting up extremely late. I got up at 4pm after it was dark. I got a lot more than I thought I would though. I went for a walk after getting some milk and kitchen roll from the local shop. I did some of the housework despite huge reluctance on my part. I washed my hair as it was starting to look a bit greasy. I also put some colour through it because it was looking more green than blue toned. I redo the colour balance after the hairdresser has thinned it out because it’s easier to sort out when its on the thinner side rather than how thick it is when it hasn’t been trimmed for a while. I can’t do a lot with my darker roots because it doesn’t cover like the ends as its not bleached. It’s better for my hair if I lay off the bleach for a while. The blue colour looks okay just on the ends. I just don’t like the colour when its faded into a green hue where it goes from natural to the bleached ends. I have tidied up but still can’t find my glasses. I have a tendency to leave them around the house. I last used them in my bedroom when I was doing my university coursework. I need to find them before I get a headache from looking at screens.

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