Daylight hours are hard… being awake is harder.

I just don’t want to even get up today. I found it hard enough to get cereal and take my medication. I have lots to do but no desire to even get out of bed. I keep thinking to myself that it’s the weekend so I shouldn’t feel bad for just wanting to go back to sleep for a few hours. The things I have to do can wait until later. I had a bad day in regard to my monthly yesterday. I’m probably anaemic again at this point. It takes a few days to get any energy back. I feel like I’m climbing a mountain until my iron levels rise again. I’m sure that it’s improving though as I tend to feel less wiped out than previously.

I need to go for a walk at some point. I didn’t even go out my front door yesterday and haven’t walked for a few days. That makes me feel lazy but yesterday it wasn’t a sensible idea to even attempt to go for a walk. I would have just ended up in a mess and totally wet through as it literally seemed to rain the entire day. I don’t even think it got that light either.

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