This was my dad. This post seems appropriate on the year of covid 19 despite losing him a decade ago.

Christmas 2009

I got this photo of my dad flash up on social media (on this day thing which fb brings up). It’s from 9 years ago just before he passed away aged 62. He looked fed up with his illness. This was taken by me at a family lunch out with mums side. I was living away from home but was back for Christmas. After the events of 2020, I’m sure that many others are going through loss of their loved ones or caring for someone with long term effects from the virus. Dad had a lung condition and was on oxygen towards the end of his life. I’ve been there growing up way before the covid 19 pandemic hit. The best advice I can give is to take every single day you are given with that relative as a blessing. I’ve blamed myself for years in regards to my dad passing away. I thought his illness was my fault for having autism and getting into trouble a lot.

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