I can’t do anything due to crippling anxiety….

I arranged the carpets to be delivered today but I am extremely anxious. I didn’t sleep all night due to anxiety. I’ve picked my skin and bitten my lip so I’m feeling sore too. I don’t want to do anything but sleep today but I can’t do that until I know the delivery will get put in a certain place and they won’t ring my buzzer: I hate that thing when I’m this anxious. I’m on edge 24/7 anyway. That is just how I’ve been since things that have happened. I have previously given instructions to various people and places about ringing the buzzer but no one seems to actually listen. They just don’t get how on edge I naturally feel 24/7 due to the trauma I’ve experienced. That is why I prefer to be awake at night because people aren’t an anxiety trigger at that time. They aren’t awake to cause me anxiety. I get paralysed by anxiety too. I literally haven’t done half the housework because anxiety prevents me from functioning. It’s a huge problem. I should be getting the support for these issues but the council are extremely unhelpful when it comes to services or mental health support. I don’t want to rely on services unless absolutely necessary due to the fact that when it comes to trying to get others to work with me, rather than against, they tend to make things more complicated. I know my issues have got quite severe at the moment. There’s ways of getting around things but I always seem to feel like I’m behind constantly trying to catch up even if I’m actually not behind with anything. I honestly don’t know how I’m functioning on a daily basis sometimes when it comes to how on edge I feel all the time.

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