Long walk, very tired as barely slept.

I just got back from a long walk. It felt much more difficult when you’ve barely slept. I only planned to go for a short walk but kept walking to the next town and back. I have extremely swollen ankles due to hormones. I have to do some form of exercise before my monthly as it seems to behave itself better without having to take medication. I came back to a lot of housework so my day isn’t over despite feeling tired from lack of sleep. I need to rest my legs for a while before tackling those tasks. The carpets that are being delivered this week are kerbside delivery only. I’ve somehow got to get it into the room I’m storing it until I managed to arrange a fitter. If they could just push them into my front door and I can shuffle the bigger one into another room. They can’t leave them in the car park because I will never get them up the steps on my own, let alone into my flat. I’ve put a request in but it’s the drivers discretion. I’m very tired so I’ll probably be quiet online for the rest of today.

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