I can’t stay awake right now. I have productive insomnia though.

I shouldn’t be falling asleep constantly because I’ve had enough sleep. I admit that I did wake up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep. I sorted out the carpets because I decided to order them while I couldn’t sleep. I just have to find a fitter after they’ve been delivered which hopefully is the easiest part. I’m probably not going to get it all sorted before Christmas but it’s on the way to being all sorted. I don’t want to live with no carpets down for long. I have some old underlay down in the living room but that’s not pleasant to walk on either. I wish that I could stay awake as well as sleep. It’s confusing but I know what I mean. I wish my body had a proper sleep pattern. It’s harder to plan my day and what I have to do constantly having to nap.

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