I think I only slept an hour :(

I may have caused my own issues by falling asleep for nearly the whole day yesterday. I didn’t wake up until it was nearly time for coronation street. I went out for a walk not long after getting up and watched half of it later. I couldn’t sleep until about 6 am this morning. Then I woke up by half 7. I can’t get back to sleep. Mister, cat, was also being vocal this morning which didn’t help. The other one came for a cuddle which involved her shoving her backside in my face before settling down. I had to remove something really gross from my trainer last night after stepping on something while walking. I left them on the radiator to dry. I left the heating on quite high all night and ended up having to open the window because it got too hot. It’s the only way to dry them quickly if I want to use them the next day. I can smell a nasty smell coming from the litter tray so I probably have another mess to clean up today. I can’t sleep but too tired to get up.

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