I have a plan, but it requires a little more planning before I can take action.

I’m sure that many regular readers of the blog would have seen the article that I copied and pasted onto a post regarding police targets. I have decided that I am going to take some form of action with this knowledge. Although, I need to do slightly more research before going ahead with my plan. I hope that I can get many of us that were labelled as a criminal due to aspects of our disability pardoned (which means our records will be removed). I read more in regards to coursework tonight which states that these police targets were applied from 2002 for minor offences, playground fights, minor criminal damage (in example: breaking a cup) were even prosecuted or at least cautioned. There were many incidences which happened in the context of schools. The end paragraph even stated that they got many of these targets fulfilled by offences, such as the harassment act 1997 (a crime that is based on the ‘victims’ perception rather than the actual intention of the conduct causing ‘offence’), the act which saw me get a criminal label for aspects of how my autism manifested. I need a watertight case if I am to succeed in my plan to get myself and others who were labelled a criminal wrongly a pardon. I know a lot of information but it’s still not enough to create a petition and lobby a government.

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