The joys of every day life!

The title of the blog entry is totally sarcastic. I spent most of the day in bed. I felt quite fed up and couldn’t sleep last night. I went for a short walk to wake up earlier. Changed the cats litter tray, vacuumed (including the furniture and bed) checked the cats for fleas because they keep catching them from various cats they’ve been around outside. The cats have their spot on protection but that doesn’t kill fleas that don’t bite them but jump off when they come inside. I got bitten on the back of my leg a few days ago. That is how I know fleas have been transported inside by the cats. This was why I vacuumed all the furniture as well as the floors.

I had to comb a piece of matted fur just below misters back side, the joys of owning cats sometimes… he kept trying to clean it off himself but it was too stuck into his fur. He’s sorted out now. I don’t think he liked what I had to do but I couldn’t leave him like that. I was as gentle as possible, however it was still going to pull a bit in order to get whatever was stuck in his fur out. He seems a lot more relaxed now.

I’m finally in bed by half 3 in the morning after studying late. I can’t sleep late tomorrow as having my hair cut at lunch time. Well, not cut, more split end removal and thinned out as it’s got quite thick.

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