I haven’t been lazy but I can’t be detailed in regard to what I’ve been doing….

I know that others assume I’ve not done a lot over the last few days. I have but as it’s relating to organising family Christmas presents and cards, I can’t be detailed as I’m the type of person who accidentally may give away what I’ve bought for people. Mother knows what I have got her so I can say this on here. I got her a replacement for the carriage clock that stopped working a few years ago. I managed to find one that was exactly the same as her old broken one still on the shelf at hers. I knew that she actually wanted that gift so I went and found a replacement clock. It’s going straight to her house as it’s less messing about for me. I sent dads family a few gifts and cards through those online personalisation websites which are advertised on television. I had to get everyone’s address because I don’t keep records of things in case documents are stolen from my home if someone breaks in. I have everything copied into digital format so that I don’t lose it. I know that I could get hacked but it’s all password protected. I’m keeping everyone connected more for dad (he can’t because he’s no longer with us) … if he can’t be here to do the yearly Christmas connections thing then it’s up to me. He wouldn’t have allowed us to drift apart so much. We will never be as close as when my grandparents was alive but we can be better acquainted than we are nowadays.

I can’t afford a lot but it’s the thought that counts. I even sent my aunt in Australia (other side of my family), a musical Christmas card of London which pops up like a one or those books. I like unusual things. I didn’t have too much postage to pay on the musical pop up card despite its destination being New South Wales, Australia. I just got the order in time for the deadline of post being sent to that country. I cut it fine but all post will be going out this week to those places as Royal Mail cut off their date on 4th (end of a week). There’s always a few stragglers over the weekends. I’m one of them. This week is probably the last time we can get anything to that part of the work in time for Christmas Day. Even if it arrives for new year then I’m early for Christmas 2021. There’s always a positive slant on even things that don’t work out. I just thought it was something cute to send to Australia as it’s got England snow scenes on it. They have Christmas in their summer so the snow isn’t a Christmas thing over that part of the world. I’m 99% sure that my aunt doesn’t read my blog which is why I’ve disclosed what’s going to them on here.

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