I’m terrified.

I have my smear test in a few hours. I’ve never been as terrified as I currently am. I don’t tend to get anxious in relation to this sort of thing. I’ve just got to the point where I’m absolutely fed up of everything. I don’t want to be around other people let alone touches for a test. I would have cancelled this morning if the appointment system wasn’t currently disabled for online access at the gp surgery. The wearing a mask everywhere causes me added anxiety. I feel claustrophobic when already anxious about things. I didn’t mind wearing one at first but it has turned out to cause me sensory issues. I get a sweaty face which causes me to feel overwhelmed. I know it sounds pathetic but it’s a thing. I have tried to call the surgery to cancel appointment but they aren’t picking up the phone. I know that I can’t do it today.

3 responses to “I’m terrified.”

  1. The feeling you’re getting about the mask 😷 is not pathetic at all if it effects you the way it does. Keep trying the GP to see if you can move your appointment if it’s making you feel that anxious.


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