Keep guessing :)

I will NEVER confirm or deny whether I’m a lesbian. It’s no ones business but my own. When it comes to potentially dating females I remain in the player mindset. That is how you have to be on the gay scene. I’ve never met any lesbian or bi woman who isn’t somehow a player. Women are much more likely to break your heart than any man. It’s just a fact of life. I hear the one that I fancied a few years back is now married. I think I may have even met their wife at somewhere local but I didn’t know it until I remembered details. Sometimes it’s bound to happen as we all live within the same locality.

You have to remain a player if the ones you like are with others. They’ll never be yours so you may as well have fun. I aspire to be the level of player that Charlie’s long lost daughter, Jenny in two and a half men. There was a scene where she literally went running off the balcony to avoid the woman she had previously been with as a fling and lied that she was leaving town. Hilarious, no chance of ever getting hurt again! Emotions are not a good thing to have in this world. You just have to be cool as a cucumber and not give a damn. People have to earn your heart and so far no one has proven they deserve my love. I’m not even drunk or had any alcohol tonight. I’m just being upfront and totally honest here. I am now the player, I won’t be the one being played! I may have liked certain people in the past but I’m no ones lap dog! It doesn’t matter whether I’m straight, lesbian or bisexual. There are other things to life than all that relationship crap. I’m still youngish. I have time to have some fun and be a top level player. If the opportunity arises you have to hang around having fun until the ones you like may be on the market again. People break up, pass away etc.

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