Others should listen to me more.

We did have an issue with the carpets and I literally discussed whether we should take up the carpets before I could get things confirmed one way or the other after everything reopened today. We can have the small carpet as that is available but they don’t have the same make of stock available which I chose from any manufacturer they’ve approached. I’ve agreed a deal to order the get the carpet for the small room but we now need to sort out the living room carpet. I don’t see us getting the one she’s ordering today until after Christmas. I’m now stuck in a position that I was trying to avoid. I have to discuss options with my mum before I go ahead with the decision for living room carpet. I can’t get hold of her yet so I cannot let the place know what we want to do yet. Apparently they would have got hold of me weeks ago if they hadn’t of had to close for lockdown. When I have a feeling, dream or whatever no one listens to me. I voiced my opinion on the feeling that I had about the particular arrangements and now I’m stuck with no carpets down in two rooms.

3 responses to “Others should listen to me more.”

  1. I’m sorry you have ended up in this position with your new carpets. You are right to trust your inner awareness, it is a shame others aren’t willing to listen.


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