I don’t like it!

I’ve been so busy I’ve the past few days. I wasn’t liking today’s tasks because we took the carpets up ready for the new ones. I’ve just left a message with the carpet place because they haven’t been in touch. No one is open officially yet so I can’t actually speak to an actual person until 2nd at the earliest. If they cannot do it all due to the circumstance then I’m owed a refund on what I’ve paid for the carpets I ordered nearly THREE months ago. I hope that it works out because it’s going to cause a problem if I have to wait for a refund and start again using another company. Meanwhile I’m stuck with the underlay in one room and a bare floor in another. I also feel like I’ve gained the weight that I lost by not walking since Saturday. I also laid until lunch time the passed few days which is never a good idea for weight loss. I may have been drinking alcohol while studying too… drinking is okay if I’m walking every day but not if I miss a few days exercise. It’s not just weight around my middle either. I’m getting bigger boobs too. I shouldn’t complain as a lot of women pay for larger bra sizes via surgery. It’s just weird to grow out of bras so fast at my age. I only brought my last size which was a 38D cup. It’s like I’m 40D now as it’s a struggle to fit into them without spilling out of the front. I’m 33 not a teenager, my growth spurt should be over long ago! Anyway, I’m fed up. I do not like my surroundings being unfinished. I woke up this morning totally fed up wondering how on earth I could make it through what has got to happen just this week on it own.