Month: December 2020

  • Covidiots are never going to get us out of tier 4!

    I’m afraid that tonight’s blog is a rant. I’m just shocked at what I just experienced in my local corner shop. There’s hardly any room in the shop as it is without covidiots completely disregarding the rules. I literally came home and put my clothes in the wash. I had a bath to make sure […]

  • Tier 4 for our area. Welcome back to lockdown again. Unrelated, I’m having a down day :(

    I was feeling down before I found out that our area is going to be one of those being put in tier 4 restrictions. The fact that the schools aren’t being shut only staggered restarts introduced; doesn’t fill me with much hope that this situation is going to be over soon. The schools are where […]

  • Two days left of this year… schools shouldn’t reopen.

    I woke up to so many things on my social networks this morning regarding the pandemic. They were saying that numbers in hospitals are out of control here. The schools and other educational facilities shouldn’t have opened in September. That is why the infection rate has gradually creeping up over the last few months. The […]

  • I don’t profit from the blog or anything that I do …

    I know that there are many bloggers profiting out of their blogs and the work that surrounds them. I am not one of those bloggers. I make absolutely no profit from this blog or anything I have done or written here. The only thing I’ve ever made any profit from is the self published book […]

  • Little bits done :)

    I managed to get some things done around here. I’m at least a little closer to feeling less disorganised. The cat peed on my bed covers again so I had to wash the duvet and cover. I am so fed up of him doing that. He’s going back to the vets again because he was […]