Be very careful! You should fight for what’s right but there are risks.

I fully believe in standing up for the things that you strongly about… I used to be one of those people. I still am but much more low key than I previously at a younger age. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t fight against government actions but things can go wrong which in turn ends up ruining your entire life. That is what happened to me. I’m only warning others to prevent their lives being ruined too. The topic of fighting for rights came up via conversation regarding the anti lockdown protests in London earlier. There are some things that aren’t worth potentially being labelled a criminal. The truth is muddy in regards to the facts of our current situation involving the pandemic. There is far too much misinformation online which is spreading fast amongst the population of the united kingdom. The protests are a result of people wanting to take a stand against government actions.

We all should be extremely careful raising up against political issues. I got labelled a criminal, sectioned and later imprisoned for ‘rising up against the status quo’ of various legalities over the years that I thought was morally wrong. The impact on my life has been immense. I don’t get to have a proper job because of the stigma of having a criminal record. I even find it hard to get voluntary positions. I had my son taken for adoption due to my labels and historical note from my life stored on the system. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to have to go through both the above scenarios due to standing against government on political issues. Then there is the impact that it remains to have on my relationships, even friendships.

People don’t think I’m wise to get to know due to my history and labels. I’m never GOOD ENOUGH for anyone that I actually would be interested in ‘getting close’ forming my first proper adult relationship. I have never properly dated anyone at 33 years old. The fact that I can’t trust anyone doesn’t help but it’s mainly how I’m judged by those I do like and how anyone remotely decent rejects me due to my poor decisions in my past. I wouldn’t take the same path if I was able to start again. It is all fun and games until you get discredited and silenced due to others not wanting things to be revealed. After your voice is officially taken away, no one believes you or even sees you as a person with feelings. I may physically have a voice and a presence here. That is disregarded when people find out how I’ve been labelled. There is not one person that will believe someone who got sectioned as a teenager. They’ll just think I’m mad, that my perception of life cannot be trusted. I see things clearer than many people. That is why I was silenced and locked up back then. The things I’d been on about years ago have now surfaced into the mainstream news. I was silenced about some of those things before they became a topic of interest.

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  1. This a an informative article, especially for younger generations to how to voice their opinions. I am sorry you are going through lot because what has happened to you in the past. But, you are making a positive difference through your blog posts. Thanks for bringing up your own story in order to bring awareness. Stay healthy, positive and safe.

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