Net issues / managed to walk nearly every day for an entire week.

I can only get online via my phone today. I woke up to find that my service provider had switched off my non-fibre broadband service. That means that I have to pull out my furniture to connect up the new modem box. I didn’t want to upgrade despite it being faster and at the same price. The connections in my flat are behind my sofa which I have to move quite far across the room to have the space to jigsaw all the wiring into the right sockets. I only vacuum down behind things once a year because I’m only 5ft 2 and petite. I can’t move things that easily on my own. I am not weak but furniture can be quite heavy and a lot bigger than me. I’m out on my daily walk at the moment. I didn’t feel like it but I’m making myself do it. I can’t complain that I’m fat while not making any effort to get rid of some of that weight.

I have already lost a bit of weight after walking nearly every single day for a week. I feel better for doing it despite being grumpy about going out every day. I argue with myself because I don’t want to do it but I always end up overriding that side of myself that just cannot be bothered. I’ve even got better skin. I wasn’t expecting that part due to the weather elements outside at this time of year. I’ve got only one dry patch under my nose but that is related to my cold. I should stop picking my cold sore but that’s so difficult when I automatically do it.