The cat finally came back :) Too busy to write blogs at the moment.

I woke up yesterday to find that ‘Dave’, the wandering cat, had finally returned to our garden. He strolled up to me like nothing had happened. I’d been worried about him for three weeks and thought he was dead or something. I’ve uploaded a video of him strolling up to our door: it’s at the end of my post. He wasn’t around when I got home from my walk so he must have found another home. He walked up to me like he’d never been away. I was glad to see him but also a little annoyed at him for worrying me for weeks. He didn’t get to come in for food yesterday and is nowhere to be seen today. I would have let him in after my walk if he had still been hanging around. I’m glad he’s okay. He has never wandered off somewhere for that long previously. I’m happy if he has found somewhere to go properly. I can’t let him live here 24/7 due to one of my cats being rather territorial: Mister doesn’t like him to stay here after popping in for food. I’ve managed to go for a walk every day this week so far. I’m saying “so far” because it’s quite a challenge.

I have not had time to blog over the last few days due to my Open University course tutorial and study hours. I’m sleeping better, so I’m online less during the night time hours, which is the time I normally write my blogs.