Pattern reset and nearly better!

I actually am managing to get up during daylight at the moment. I made myself go for a walk because I look pale. I literally have a bruise under my eye. I can’t remember how I did it. I’m hoping that it’s just cold related. I’m still blowing my nose but I can at least stay awake now. I don’t want to go back to full blown insomnia though. It’s been lovely to actually be able to sleep for a week albeit too much at times. I haven’t been able to drink alcohol for the last few days. I’m actually starting to feel sober. I’m hoping I can drink tonight. I don’t advocate drinking but it’s a personal choice. I have cut down but it’s relaxing after hours of open university law module reading. I finally managed to book my very overdue smear test today as my doctors sent a text out last week stating that they’re restarting them. I have it next week. I’m hoping that things are ok but not confident about that due to what I’ve been experiencing recently.

The cat never came back so I’m assuming the worse. Or he’s walked off with someone else. Either way he’s definitely probably not going to return at this point. I miss him. I never thought that I would because he always used to follow me around getting under my feet while I was trying to do things going in and out my flat. I’ve tried to look everywhere for him in the Barwell area but there’s no side of him. He disappeared around bonfire night so I’m hoping that some idiot didn’t do anything awful to him. He was getting too told to run from danger. I didn’t take him in because my tom cat makes him leave. The person upstairs put a note on the outside door saying please don’t let the cat in just before he disappeared. If they rang a place to take him then he would potentially have got put down due to showing his age. I’m hoping that no one put him in the bin. They get chucked in a cart that grinds everything. If it wasn’t illegal then I’d throw anyone that did that type of thing in there myself. Unfortunately, an eye for an eye on behalf of an animal is still murder or at least manslaughter if you insist to the court that you were not aware that the person would die from your actions. I’m not advocating violence here. I have to say that in case some idiot animal rights activist tries the above hypothetical. That defence shouldn’t be used either. It’s wrong to take the life of another.

They’ve also just banned the best Christmas song ever, fairytale of New York. I’m not Irish by the way, the hair is caused by Scottish genes. It’s supposed to be offensive but no one I know has an issue with the wording of that song. I don’t know any gay or trans people (trans editor for this blog included) that find the words used offensive. The wording is totally in context and is one of those songs which is entertaining to sing on karaoke every Christmas after having a few too many. There are only the minority that actually are offended by a song. There are so much more important things to worry about right now. We are in the middle of a pandemic and there are so many more things we need to sort out in the world.