I can barely stay awake :/

I finally got rid of my migraine but still full up with cold. I don’t want to even look at myself in the mirror. I look absolutely awful. Even my hair gets frizzy and limp when I have a cold. I can barely stay awake. I’m hoping that the sleep will make me feel better. It does a little but that’s short lived while my cold is still active. I can’t eat much without feeling sick. I’m not hungry. I didn’t eat a main evening meal for three days. I tried to force myself to eat an evening meal on Friday. It made me feel awful. I’m hungry but at the same time my appetite just barely exists. I can’t even have an alcoholic drink without feeling hung over straight away. It’s completely mad. I know I’m truly ill when I cannot drink alcohol and just one walk in the fresh air to the shops makes me keep falling asleep for the rest of the day. I wasn’t even at home. I fell asleep on a relatives couch. I have aches in my bones which makes it harder to not feel tired because the aches make everything feel heavy. I am fed up of being ill now. I have things like cleaning and tidying that I haven’t managed to do. I don’t like being surrounded by mess or dirt. The dust probably isn’t helping my cold. The bathroom floor looks visibly grubby at the moment.