I’m not feeling too great at the moment. Cryptic dreams too!

I may seem a little bit quieter than normal at the moment. I’ve had a migraine for a few days. I should go for a walk after being lazy for three days. I just feel too wiped out and far too tired to do things that need doing around my flat. I left it to build up so now it makes me tired just looking at the things which need doing around here. I feel like I’ve been punched in both eyes and someone has stamped on my head. The last few days have felt difficult to get through. I have just wanted my bed most of the time. Sleep is the only break I’ve had from the overwhelming tiredness, migraine and eye strain.

I keep having the most random dreams. I can barely remember the details of the one I had last night. I remember who was in the dream. The same person that I mentioned appeared randomly in my dream a few months ago. I do like them. I just won’t ever even be friends with them. I would love to be friends even if it went no further but it’s very complicated. I probably wouldn’t even recognise them in the street and they certainly probably won’t recognise me. I haven’t seen them since 2017. That’s been 3 years already! I know for a fact that they weren’t keen on me in the context that we met initially. Rumour mill has stated that they’re already with someone. Then there is age gap, with grown up children around my age. The fact that they’re a female is the least complicated aspect of the whole scenario. I used to be down for getting into situations that challenge what is seen as normal in life. I just can’t be like that anymore. I’m too tired and cannot be bothered to go up against a load of hassle that will most likely hit the fan in the event that I did start a relationship with the person. I would rather be single. It’s less hassle in my personal life. I don’t know why this person has started appearing in my dreams. I haven’t thought about them in a long time until I had a dream about them earlier this year. I thought it was just a one off and haven’t thought about them since that first dream. Then they were in last nights dream. I don’t understand. I had put any feelings I had for them completely out of my mind. There was absolutely no trigger for either of those dreams.

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