Blocking via social networks.

I only block individuals if they say something or post something I find offensive. That takes a lot due to ‘not being a snowflake’. I’ve noticed more recently that people are blocking each other basically because they just want to blank someone that they don’t like for whatever reason. That is actually a form of bullying that we justify by making excuses about our feelings towards another person. I’m talking in general here, loosely related to private life matters at the most. Many of those that go on about inclusivity and caring in the community are the type of people who block for the reasons above and can’t see that it’s a form of bullying. Let’s take the major factor of those that have autism being annoying and refusing not to ‘go there’, ‘walk between the social lines’ etc. Is that a justification for freezing people out, a form of bullying before the invention of social media. It’s not bullying to grow enough balls to tell the blockee why they’re doing your head in etc. The blocker doesn’t have to use the feature if they’re just honest. Yes the conversation is difficult and upsetting, but being blocked can lead to suicide, self harm, mental health issues and a hurt that lasts long term. I have ‘the talk’ with many guys (and some girls) that add me to social networks and won’t shut the hell up. Many of them have landed on the block list because they just didn’t pack it in. The types that repeatedly try to video call via messenger are the worse. I don’t want to get them into legal trouble but I do not have time to chat online much and absolutely hate video chat. I’m genuinely busy with lots of different things. I’m not making excuses. Then there are the ones that block randomly and never give you a clue why. I had one the other day who messaged me about Leicestershire live page. I checked a few days later and they had blocked my account. I definitely didn’t say anything to get blocked. I literally only replied to them in the context in what they were talking about. They could have deactivated their account but it makes you feel like… what the hell did I say? I’m trying to behave better than I used to do on social media because it does have a knock on effect on the blog viewing figures. I get the most random comments sometimes. The other day I got a comment on a social network post totally unrelated to the blog but on the writing community tag on one social network. They said they loved my work and I was local. The cryptic part was don’t go down earl shilton town, no reason stated. I didn’t for a few weeks due to being afraid to accidentally walk into something. I have to go down today but I’m literally popping the coop and avoiding anything at all costs.

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