I need a rest.

I finally finished and submitted my open university assignment. I feel exhausted. I had to lie down after doing bits of housework. I’m on my monthly so that is probably what’s zapped my energy. I have literally got heavy limbs that ache. It’s not a nice feeling. Mimi has joined me on my bed for a nap. I’m trying not to actually fall asleep but I feel like I’m nodding off. I have managed to get my earring stuck in my ear. It clipped down in the wrong position and now it feels stuck. I can’t be bothered to tackle the task of unjamming it until I’m feeling better. I don’t have the energy to do even walking across the room tonight. I will be fine after the worse days of my monthly has passed. I get knocked down by them every month. I’m used to it but I do find it annoying when I’m this wiped out. I got what I had to do finished. I can now crash out for a bit.

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