I saw sunrise this morning… as I was actually up!

I got up at 6am this morning after being unable to sleep all night. I’ve finally been able to pick up my parcel. I have got food in for the week on the way round. I’m not up to going back out there today. I forgot that I’d bump into the school traffic at half 8 this morning. The normal half an hour trip took over an hour. I’m done with people along with the outside world already today. It’s only 10am. I’m starting to feel a cough coming on but it may not be covid as I stupidly fell asleep with wet hair and the window open a few days ago. I woke up with my pillows damp as the water from my hair had soaked into them. I may have caused my illness by my own actions. I wasn’t stupid when it came to wearing a mask and social distancing. I was just careless basically looking after myself. I had the window open for the cats but sometimes I don’t think about my own needs. I hope I managed to avoid the virus in the second wave.

I got stuck in a supermarket queue the other day when we all got a little too close. I was wearing my mask. There was people around who wasn’t wearing a mask but they might be exempt due to medical reasons. I am hoping that I didn’t come into contact with an infected person. I have been extremely tired, although that is something I’d class as normal for me. I normally get dressed into day clothes every single day. I stayed in pajamas for the first time in my entire life the whole day yesterday. That’s not like me. I normally get dressed at some point even if I get up mid afternoon. I can’t be tired today. I have too much to do around here. Then I have to continue typing up my open uni module assignment. There is so much mess around here. I need to tidy up first otherwise I won’t be able to concentrate on my uni work.