Wiped out type of exhaustion :/

I have never felt this wiped out. Exhaustion is one thing but I don’t even have the energy to get out of bed. I don’t even want to talk. Typing is making me feel sleepy. I’ve barely been able to stay awake the whole day. I have aches in my bones. It feels annoying to fall asleep despite barely doing anything. I haven’t seen daylight again. I haven’t got the energy to go outside. That’s not normal for me. I normally want to get out of the four walls. The cat just put exactly how I feel in words. He just groaned while asleep next to me. They’ve let me cuddle up to them the entire day. I got up to go toilet and also fed them. They’ve now had their food and gone back for a snooze. The one next to me is purring happily. I’m avoiding the outside world because it’s draining. I coped with lockdown one a lot better than number 2. I’m just fed up with the news and the useless government. I want no part of the craziness. I have got one of those extremely vulnerable letters through the post yesterday. I don’t see myself as that but I’m still being careful.

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