Wiped out type of exhaustion :/

I have never felt this wiped out. Exhaustion is one thing but I don’t even have the energy to get out of bed. I don’t even want to talk. Typing is making me feel sleepy. I’ve barely been able to stay awake the whole day. I have aches in my bones. It feels annoying to fall asleep despite barely doing anything. I haven’t seen daylight again. I haven’t got the energy to go outside. That’s not normal for me. I normally want to get out of the four walls. The cat just put exactly how I feel in words. He just groaned while asleep next to me. They’ve let me cuddle up to them the entire day. I got up to go toilet and also fed them. They’ve now had their food and gone back for a snooze. The one next to me is purring happily. I’m avoiding the outside world because it’s draining. I coped with lockdown one a lot better than number 2. I’m just fed up with the news and the useless government. I want no part of the craziness. I have got one of those extremely vulnerable letters through the post yesterday. I don’t see myself as that but I’m still being careful.

Author: Diary of a Painfully Shy Introvert

A blog written by a female diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome but suspected PDA in more recent years. Musings of a Trainee Battleaxe was created to not only create awareness of the PDA part of the spectrum; but also to educate the public hopefully creating understanding in order to stop future generations being let down and labelled negatively. Disclaimer: There may be parts of this blog which viewers may find upsetting as it contains accounts of real life events which have been quite traumatic. However, it is all to help create a sense of understanding and combat the fear surrounding all aspects of mental illness and Pathological Avoidance Syndrome (a very little understood part of the autistic spectrum).

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