Better night’s sleep… insomnia is losing its grip on me.

I slept longer during the night. I was asleep by half two and woke up at half 5. I normally only sleep an hour so I’m making progress. I started typing up the answer to question 1 on my open uni assignment before going to bed. That was keeping me awake because I was afraid that I wasn’t going to meet the deadline, which is 19th. I have been taking my medication at around six to seven in the morning. That seems to be the best time to take them. It’s crazy but they seem to work better, probably due to the slow release part of their chemical make up. There must be a clinical reason why institutions give their medication to the residents at early hours. I still haven’t seen the wandering cat or even heard anything about him. I can only assume that he’s done the typical cat thing and gone off to die. He may have got trapped somewhere. Mimi has just managed to get herself stuck in the bathroom. I don’t know how she managed to shut the door on herself but I had to go open the door after hearing her scratching around. She had only been inside for a few minutes. It doesn’t take a cat long to do something completely daft. That’s not the first time she’s shut the door on herself. She’s now chilling out sitting curled up next to me on my bed. Mister has gone outside. I’m sure he will be in soon when it gets light. He literally just jumped through the window as I typed that sentence. He barely ever goes out during the day.

I have to attempt to get my click and collect parcel again today. I tried yesterday. The parcel was in front of me behind the till, still I couldn’t actually take it because the pay point system had gone down. It’s saying on their website that the system is back up and running again now. I was going to leave it until Monday but there’s no point waiting if it’s definitely fixed now.

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