I’m half way there. Sleep is still quite a dodgy balancing act.

I slept longer last night. That was after sleeping the majority of the day yesterday. I’ve done that twice over the past week. I keep feeling wiped out due to insomnia only letting me sleep limited hours per night. I didn’t see day light yesterday. The wandering cat doesn’t seem to have returned either. I’m asking around about him but I’m expecting the worse. I’m hoping his just adopted someone else who has decided to keep him. He will stay wherever there is food. He won’t leave if he’s the only animal in the home. He wouldn’t stay in my home after popping in for food because my Tom cat gets aggressive towards him. If he’s found another home I’m glad but it’s the not knowing where he’s disappeared which is worrying me. I’ve always watched out for him despite having my own cats. I miss him even though I have other cats. I’d miss any of them if they disappeared.

I attempted to get some housework done when I have been awake. I feel overwhelmed enough due to my open university assignment needing to be submitted in a few days. I have to type all my notes up into the correct formats and go through the relevant acts to obtain citations relating to the questions. That would be a lot more simple if my laptop was working properly. The amount that it’s crashing and freezing is getting ridiculous. I had to force reboot it at least 5 times before it stopped refusing to load windows.

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