Slowly sorting myself out.

I can sleep better after adjusting how long I slept during the day after not sleeping at night. I got up about lunch time. That is better than 3, 4, 5 pm. I went for a long walk this afternoon. I hadn’t seen daylight in a few days. Luckily it didn’t rain, it even was sunny for a while. I feel much better for actually spending time in daylight. I got fresh air walking in the evenings when my sleep was totally out of a pattern. I had my tutorial skills session this evening. I was quite tired after that so had a bath. I was asleep for the last two hours. I fell asleep as soon as I got into bed for a change. I don’t think that I would have woken up if the cats hadn’t sat next to me. I don’t have a clue why they were sat right next to each other next to me. That is unusual. I normally wake up with one either sleeping on the bottom of my bed and the other next to me. I don’t know what they wanted. I had left dry food down for them. They both kept starring at the wall next to the bed. I couldn’t see anything. I haven’t seen Dave (Thor), the wandering cat around for the last week. I’m hoping he’s alright. He is quite an elderly cat. He even started to walk more stiffly and slower than previously. I was dreading the day he would no longer be around. I hope he hasn’t passed away. Wandering cats tend to run away when they know they’re dying. I normally see him around in daylight hours. There was no sign of him today. If I don’t see him, I near his meows outside. He’s not my cat but I will miss him following me around when no one else is letting him in.

Dave (Thor) – August 2020

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