I needed the rest.

I slept the majority of the day. I don’t even feel lazy because I desperately needed a rest. I’m mentally exhausted. That is somewhat more stressful than being physically tired. I’m feeling moody due to hormones (always am leading up to that time). The cats have decided to disappear outside tonight. It’s just me and the Netflix series ‘Queens Gambit’. I’m not a huge fan of chess but the storyline is reasonable. I relate to the lead characters struggle with addiction. The series is trending on Twitter. If I don’t watch the last two episodes someone is bound to spoil the ending for me. The cat was sick earlier so I had a mess to clear up when I did wake up. He seems ok now. I need to not drink every night but that’s hard at the moment. I tried but outside influences isn’t making that task easy. I don’t drink as much as others which is a least one positive thing. I don’t need a lot as I’m a lightweight anyway. I had to have a chill out day as I need to get energy together for online tutorial Thursday evening. I have to actually study and do things like mop the floors during the daytime too.