I’m clinging onto being able to function… don’t know how….

I’m feeling quite sore as I have a cold and also itchy. I’ve got an awful habit of picking my skin which doesn’t help matters. I’m still not sleeping well. Probably also drinking alcohol too often as I have a drink on a nightly basis. I tried to cut down but there’s too much stress at the moment. I think we all just have had enough of the virus outbreak and the restrictions. It’s quite stressful constantly remembering to be extra cautious while I’m out. I feel constantly on edge more than I used to be before the era of masks and social distancing. I don’t tend to get restful sleep due to insomnia and being woken up by dreams.

On a positive note, I’m actually taking my antidepressants at the time they should be taken now. They are lifting me a bit. I’m still only just about functioning. I don’t even know how I’m managing to even function a little bit. I feel like I’m clinging onto sanity due to lack of sleep. I have an assignment due next week. I’ve started it. I just haven’t typed it up yet. It’s not even written correctly due to being still in note form. I have an online tutorial (skills session) tomorrow evening. I’ve just had to read the materials in preparation for learning how to answer legal questions using specific formulas required. I’m exhausted due to having no sleep again last night.

The council ( or someone else) has taken the old bed that I left out for them to collect. I paid for the collection but it wasn’t supposed to be picked up until early December. I could have put the mattress out which is in my spare room. I didn’t put it out due to collection supposedly booked for December (earliest collection available when I booked it in October). I also was going to put the old carpet out for collection on that day too. I’ve not heard anything regarding the new carpets arrival (they supposed to phone me). They were expected in November but then lockdown 2 happened. The person I spoke to at the shop seemed to think that it would go ahead as planned in relation to orders already placed. They just had to shut the shop. It all didn’t work out as planned. I will be a lot more settled when everything is sorted. I hope someone phones me before they just turn up. I have to move furniture and get the other carpet up before they arrive to fit it. I can’t do that on my own so have to make arrangements with others.