Why as students do we need to drink? Studying is surprisingly stressful!

I have noticed myself wanting to drink alcohol more while studying my degree. It seems to be how I cope with the complexities of studying undergraduate law. I never used to be a fan of alcohol before becoming a student. It’s like drinking is my much needed chill time after my brain has got tired studying. Yes, it’s a negative habit but we only live once. Life is too short for being too cautious. I don’t want to die at 60 or maybe younger having not lived life properly. Statistics are quite frankly against me so being careful isn’t an option for me. My dad passed away at 60. The relative that was my godmother passed away at that age too. Statistics say that autistic people and those with health issues won’t live much beyond 35. I fully intent to live carelessly because tomorrow is NEVER promised. This undergraduate law degree material is too stressful without the aid of alcohol. I don’t agree with half the things I’m learning because I have an activist mindset. I’m having to set that side of me aside and turn into a robot like drone. Of course I’m going to fight back at all the ridiculous legalities when I do finally have my degree but until that point I’m going to have to silence my inner freedom fighter spirit.

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