I don’t like certain days of the week.

I was quite lazy on Saturday because I couldn’t be bothered. I’ve taken my medication for the last two days but even that makes me any keener on functioning properly right now. I’m pleased that Trump finally lost the USA election. That was something positive to wake up to earlier. I feel bloated and hormonal which isn’t such a positive. I also barely saw daylight for the 4th day in a row. That isn’t a good idea because (unless you’re a vampire) we get vitamins from sunlight. I took my vitamin D and my magnesium supplement to compensate but it’s not the same. I’ve been for two long walks but in the dark. I got exercise without sunlight. I do need actual sunlight as I start to look paler than I normally am naturally (I don’t want to actually start looking like a vampire).

The amount of fireworks being let off every single night since Wednesday is ridiculous. Bomb fire night is only on one day. It is fine to let them off even for two days but we had them going off consistently around this locality for four evenings without much of a break. The cats were extremely frightened. I came home every evening to find them hiding. I even found Mister in the kitchen cupboard. He was that frightened of the bangs that he opened one of them with his paw. They normally just go in the utility room as they can let themselves in there too. They didn’t even want to eat due to being that petrified.

I don’t like Sunday anymore. I feel like I’m constantly chasing my tail to get over to mums for dinner. I’m always late. I can’t get out of it using lockdown because we are a joined household for the purposes of a support bubble. It stresses me out when most of the time I don’t feel like going over there. I don’t even feel like eating at the moment. That makes absolutely no sense as I’m not losing any of the weight I gained. I logically should be reducing my weight if I don’t feel like eating much.

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